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Stahl Esaco (Pty) Ltd was established in 1975 and is an extended workbench of R. STAHL Germany

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About Klopper Therm’s Heaters

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Klöpper-Therm heaters make an important contribution to optimised, safe, and energy-efficient process management in chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical plants, as well as in power plants and refineries.

The area of application of our heaters mainly lies in direct heating, temperature maintenance, compensation of heat losses, and the condensation and evaporation of solid, liquid, and gaseous substances. In addition to direct heating, liquid, solid, or gaseous substances can also be heated indirectly by an electrically heated heat exchanger. Invest in the safety of your plants with our explosion-protected heaters. We supply approved designs certified for use in Zones 1 or 2 Hazardous areas.

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R. STAHL offers you explosion protected lighting for virtually all applications, from single lamps to floodlights, compact lamps or emergency lighting. In addition to these standard solutions we are also your partner for customised complete solutions in the field of explosion protected lighting technology. We offer planning and project management and manufacture tailor-made lighting, customised lighting systems as well as complex emergency lighting systems (central battery units) and offer a comprehensive service in this field

Junction and Terminal Box

R. STAHL offers one of the widest product ranges of explosion protected components and equipment for the supply, connection and distribution of electrical energy. We supply certified installation equipment for the different installation technologies worldwide, IEC/NEC technologies. We design and manufacture customised terminal boxes to meet the specifications and needs of our customers. Explosion protected installation switches, junction boxes, plugs and sockets are also part of our comprehensive product portfolio.

Signalling Devices

R. STAHL is one of the world’s leading suppliers of signalling devices. We develop and produce optical, acoustical and combined signalling devices. The products in explosion-protected design are applied in R. STAHL’s traditional markets.

Automation Interface and Solutions

IS 1 has been the world's most widely installed system in hazardous areas. It is continually being expanded and improved, as least to PROFIBUS Redundancy, DTM support and integration of optical rings or modules with integrated solenoid valves. In conjunction with over 30 years of experience and know-how with solutions from R. STAHL is thus almost every task possible.

NEW: With IS1+ R. STAHL provides the latest I / O level before


Choose the technologies that best suit the needs of your process facilities: available in display sizes ranging from 15” up to 24”, we provide our customers with KVM solutions (direct point-to-point connection to a PC), modern Thin Client solutions, or full-fledged PCs suitable for on-site, hazardous area applications.

The EAGLE terminals (with proprietary operating system and SPSPlusWin software), and the multifunctional FALCON HMIs are specially designed for both complex and standard automation tasks, and for PLC programming – ready to run, they are suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures and applications.

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