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Stahl Esaco (Pty) Ltd was established in 1975 and is an extended workbench of R. STAHL Germany

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Determine your training requirements and plan with Stahl Esaco

Asset management includes human resources and

Knowledge and skills ensure leverage when teams are

Working on site. Vendor and client requirements include

Compliance to legislation AT ALL TIMES.

Working in hazardous areas requires knowledgeable

Employees, skills and attitude must be instilled by

Subject matter experts.

Stahl Esaco has the solution to your training needs.

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Consult with Stahl Esaco towards Safety and Hazardous Area Compliance

Management of Hazardous Areas Requires:

All areas require classification with reference to national standards. Classification provides a map for the selection of equipment.

Selection of equipment is done as per national standards and as per classification.

Certification of equipment and available records is required by Legislation.

Equipment is kept in the original condition by inspection and maintenance.

Resource training are done by Subject Matter

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